MGK Headshot baldMichelle Ketterman is an inspirational speaker, best-selling author, award-winning business owner and perpetual optimist. After many rewarding and prosperous years pursuing entrepreneurial passions, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Without missing a beat, Michelle questioned how she could make the best of the devastating diagnosis and how her diagnosis could help others. With a new goal of redefining the cancer condition, she started sharing her experiences, motivating others, and getting very loud about the importance of following your passions and love right now.

Michelle is a category creator, successful entrepreneur, trainer, author, speaker, and avid gardener. Michelle is a certified Mastermind Facilitator and certified Life Coach. Her natural obstinate side has served well; in building businesses, she refused to accept no for an answer. Always able to find creative, unique, and inexpensive resources, tools, and approaches, Michelle developed simple and powerful techniques for entrepreneurs and built a solid reputation on strong ethics and integrity while teaching others how their business can stand out in the crowd. Her clients learn how to build a business based on strong principles, processes, and systems. Michelle encourages everyone to pursue their unique definition of success.

Armed with little more than tenacity, strong ethics, and the unshakable belief that her vision would be realized, Michelle singlehandedly pushed a little known industry into mainstream awareness. Under her direction, processes, and big-picture planning, her simple idea created nationally accepted industry standards, the first recognized industry certification, and the most respected industry textbook and training material. Michelle worked several years at a Dallas area Chamber of Commerce where she was given a unique combination of first-hand experiences and observations that she uses to help her clients define, plan, strategize, and create their success.

Michelle brings humor and real-world experiences in her presentations about overcoming diversity, never accepting defeat, and plowing through any obstacle with a smile and clear intentions. Michelle is known for being honest, fair, and getting to the point as quickly as possible because she believes there is no limit to what each of us can achieve once we know who we are and what we truly love.

Using the experiences of a childhood spent with a violent drug addict, Michelle began formulating what would come to be known as the best-selling book “The Game of No Limits” at the age of 5; this is her 15th book. At 18, Michelle traveled to Albuquerque to meet her father for the first time. Although the trip was supposed to only last 2 weeks, Michelle stayed for 20 years and developed a strong sense of family previously unknown. She and her husband, known as “Mr. Wonderful” moved to Dallas in December 2005. Another job transfer for Mr. Wonderful landed the Kettermans in Jacksonville, Florida in 2012. Michelle and Mr. Wonderful have been married for over 22 years. Their daughter lives in New York City and their son is in college in west Texas.

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